Pre-Governance Roadmap
Overall roadmap for Tectonic protocol will be developed in consultation with the community. Below sequence is provided for reference before the Governance process of the protocol is established:

December 2021:

  • Whitelisted Alpha Launch. Tectonic will be available for whitelisted users to lend and borrow assets on its platform at a capped amount. We will be releasing whitelisting instructions soon

Mid-Late December 2021:

  • Mainnet Launch with Liquidity Incentive. Tectonic Mainnet launch where all users can lend and borrow assets without a cap. $TONIC emission begins to incentivize lenders and borrowers.

Q1 2022:

  • More Supported Tokens. Tectonic will increase the number of tokens supported for lending and borrowing, focusing on cosmos-based assets and high priority assets from other EVM-compatible ecosystems.
  • Launch of Tectonic Community Insurance Module. Enabling users to stake or lock their $TONIC to help secure the protocol and generate additional yield.

Q2 2022 and beyond:

  • Launch of Leveraged Yield Farming. Implementation of leveraged yield farming service for users to maximize yield from their existing holdings
  • Launch of Tectonic Governance. Implementation and release of Tectonic governance module using the $TONIC token