Boosting TONIC rewards

In order to boost your TONIC rewards from supplying or borrowing on Tectonic, you first need to do 2 things:

  1. Hold xTONIC. (For more details on how to obtain xTONIC, check out our guide here)

  2. Locking your xTONIC in a Vault. (Check out our guide here for more info)

Once you have completed the steps above, you will be given a market-specific boost multiplier based on the amount of xTONIC locked and the vault's maturity.

Here's how to utilise that boost:

1) You can "activate" your boost on the Markets page

1a OPTIONAL) You have the option to stake a NFT (from an approved NFT collection) on your vault in order to further increase your boost multiplier

2) Click on the “Boost” button and indicate which markets to apply the boost multiplier to


  • You can select up to 2 markets

  • The markets that are displayed are the ones that you are currently supplying or borrowing from only

  • You can only select the markets that currently have TONIC incentives (with the exception of CRO markets. Suppliers and/or borrowers of CRO will not receive a boost)

3) Once the above steps are completed and valid, click “Confirm”, and confirm your transaction on your Wallet

4) Upon successful confirmation, you would have successfully boosted up to 2 markets

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