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TONIC Rewards Boost

Tectonic aims to improve TONIC utility, as well as increase user activity on the protocol. One way to do this is to reward actions that help support these 2 objectives.

How TONIC Rewards Boosting works

The TONIC Rewards Boost feature seeks to reward long-term TONIC holders who are also active users of Tectonic. These users will be eligible to receive a larger proportion of TONIC from liquidity incentives, which essentially translates to higher interest received from lending, and/or lower borrowing rates. Here's how:
Step 1: User stakes TONIC for xTONIC
Step 2: User locks xTONIC in a vault
Step 3 (optional): User stakes NFT (from an approved NFT collection) on vault
Step 4: User receives a market-specific boost multiplier based on 1) the quantity of xTONIC locked relative to peers, and 2) locking duration 3) NFT boost (if any)
Step 5: User can boost up to 2 markets that he has supplied and/or borrowed from
  • A "market" is defined as a token pool that a user has either supplied or borrowed from. For e.g. a user can boost the USDC market that he has supplied to and WETH market that he has borrowed from, or he could also boost the WBTC or USDT markets that he has borrowed from
  • Only markets that offer TONIC incentives can be boosted (with the exception of CRO markets. Suppliers and/or borrowers of CRO will not receive a boost)

Markets available to be boosted (as at Nov 2023)

Markets with the TONIC symbol (except for CRO markets) are available for boosting:
Main Pool
  • USDC (supply) market
  • USDC (borrow) market
  • USDT (supply) market
  • USDT (borrow) market
  • WBTC (borrow) market
  • WETH (borrow) market
  • TONIC (supply) market
  • TONIC (borrow) market
Veno Pool
  • USDC (supply) market
  • USDC (borrow) market
  • USDT (supply) market
  • USDT (borrow) market
  • ATOM (supply) market
  • ATOM (borrow) market