Supplying Assets

1) Go to the Tectonic “Markets” page directly via or go to the website and click “Enter App”

2) Click the yellow “Connect Wallet” button and make sure you are connected to the Cronos Network. The button can be found on the top right-hand corner of the page

A guide on how to set-up Cronos Network on Metamask can be found here. The DeFi wallet will automatically have the Cronos Network setup.

3) On the “Markets” page, select the asset that you want to supply. Currently, you can choose to supply assets either within the "Main Pool" or "LCRO Pool" (isolated pool)

4) Once you have selected the asset that you want to supply (for example USDC), you will be directed to the individual asset markets page

5) Click on the “Supply” button. After which, indicate the amount you want to supply and click “Supply”

Note #1: During your first interaction with Tectonic, you will need to enable and grant permission to any of the contracts in order to interact with them.

6) Confirm your transaction on your wallet

7) If your transaction is successful, you will receive a pop-up notification

Commonly asked questions

Q) How do I earn interest?

A: When you supply an asset, you will receive a tToken as a receipt. These tTokens accumulate interest over time - this is reflected in their tToken:asset exchange rate, which can be found on the individual assets market page (under the Market details section, shown in the screenshot below). By simply holding the tToken, you will be earning interest.

Q) Can you provide me an example of how the interest is earned?

A: Check out a detailed example here. Do note that interest is not distributed - instead, you receive interest when you withdraw your asset from Tectonic.

What is Net Supply APY / Distribution APY?

A: Net Supply APY = Interest paid to user for supplying asset + Distribution APY

Distribution APY = TONIC rewards paid to user

  • if Distribution APY = 0%; there are no TONIC rewards paid out for that market

What is "Borrow limit"?

A: Borrow limit is the maximum amount, in USD term, that you can borrow on Tectonic based on how much you have supplied. The more assets supplied, the higher the borrow limit.

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