Unstaking xTONIC

1) Go to the Earn page. Ensure you are on the first tab labelled “TONIC”

2) You will see the "TONIC Staking" module in the column on the left. Click on the “Unstake” tab

3) Input the amount of TONIC you would like to unstake and click "Unstake". You will then need to "Confirm" the transaction

4) Once the transaction is complete, you will see a countdown timer showing the remaining time in your cooldown period

5) You can track your pending TONIC on the lower section of the TONIC Staking panel

You can also view the xTONIC:TONIC exchange rate ("Unstaking locked rate") that was used to calculate how much TONIC you will receive at the end of the unstaking period

6) Your unstaked TONIC will be available for withdrawal to your wallet once the cooldown period ends. Come back to the Tectonic website to withdraw your unstaked TONIC then!

Commonly asked questions

Q) Am I able to immediately withdraw my unstaked TONIC?

A: No you will not. After unstaking, your TONIC will be go through a 10-day cooldown period, during which your TONIC cannot be withdrawn to your wallet

Q) Why did my countdown timer reset itself?

A: This likely happened because you unstaked more TONIC while the previous batch of TONIC was undergoing its 10-day cooldown period. When this happens, the countdown timer will reset your cooldown period back to 10 days

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