Auto Vault Emissions

What is auto vault emissions?

  • Auto vault emissions aims to provide additional long term incentives to our community while also reducing opportunistic yield farming

  • The function allows users to quickly lock up their TONIC rewards into a vault of their choice

  • Previously, users needed to 1) claim TONIC, and 2) stake TONIC for xTONIC before locking it into a vault. Now, users can skip steps 1 and 2

  • Do note that, going forward, 60% of all TONIC rewards will be automatically locked into a vault. The remaining 40% can be claimed immediately

How does it work?

  • When a user proceeds to claim his TONIC rewards, 60% of this amount will be automatically locked into a vault

  • Users can choose to lock more than 60% into a vault in order to enjoy higher APR on their TONIC

  • Users can also choose the locking time period, but rewards locked cannot be claimed until maturityAny amount of TONIC remaining can be claimed immediately

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