Leverage Management Tools

Tectonic offers leverage management tools in order to cater to a broader risk profile or investment criteria, all while enabling users to complete transactions in a single click. We aim to make it easier for users to execute their investment views using Tectonic, which ultimately should help increase borrowing and hence protocol revenue.

These tools are made possible with the addition of a "deferred liquidity check" function. At a high level, this deferLiquidityCheck() function will allow us to compile multiple actions in a sequence and defer the liquidity check until the very end.

This function is required because certain actions (e.g. taking out an undercollateralized loan) within that sequence may not be feasible on its own. At the end of the day, bundling a set of actions together would result in the same desired outcome while ensuring that a user’s account position is maintained at a healthy level.

Currently, the 2 tools on offer in this leverage management series are: Repay with collateral, Collateral swap.

Note: At launch;

  • VVS Finance and WOWMAX are the only 2 integrated DEXes so far. In the future, we will be working to offer more DEX/Aggregators

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