Increasing vault rewards with NFTs

1) Go to Earn Page and head to Vaults. Select the desired vault to stake your NFT(s). Click Stake (+) to proceed. Note: You will first need to have xTONIC locked in the vault in order to stake your NFT

2) Select the number of NFT(s) you would like to stake. The more you stake, the higher the final vault multiplier, and the higher the APR. Note that each NFT rarity may have a different NFT boost multiplier

3) Click confirm to review the staking details. Initiate the transaction request by clicking “Stake now”. If the transaction information on your wallet is correct, click confirm to validate the transaction

4) Once you receive the confirmation on the app, this means that you have successfully staked your NFT. The vault card will display a APR and multiplier that has been boosted

5) If you would like to stake more NFTs (no more than 5 in total), you may go through the same process as mentioned above

Commonly asked questions

Q) What is NFT Staking?

A: NFT Staking allows users to boost the multiplier in maturity vault and receive more rewards. To achieve that, users must lock their xTONIC tokens in our vaults as a prerequisite. Thereafter, xTONIC lockers can stake their NFTs on the maturity of their choice to receive a boost multiplier.

Q) How does NFT staking works?


  • Stake a maximum of 5 NFTs on any 1 maturity (e.g. you can stake 5 NFTs on your 6 month xTONIC vault)

  • Each NFT can only boost 1 maturity (this means a user can stake a maximum of 20 NFTs across all 4 maturities)

  • The maximum NFT boost multiplier will be 1.5x

Q) What is the "Vault Multiplier"?

A: This is the original multiplier assigned to each vault

Q) What is the "Final Multiplier"?

A: This is the vault multiplier that you will receive if you staked an NFT

Final Multiplier = Vault Multiplier * (1 + min(1.5x, sum(NFT Boost Multiplier)))

Q) What is the "NFT Boost Multiplier"?

A: This is the multiplier assigned to each individual NFT

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