Earn TONIC by staking TONIC

What is TONIC Staking?

  • TONIC staking allows TONIC holders to deposit their tokens into the TONIC staking module in return for yield rewards.

  • Here’s the general idea: stakeholders receive rewards, including 50% of protocol revenue generated from fees paid by borrowers and liquidations

  • TONIC staking drives further utility for the TONIC token, and it seeks to align incentives with the long-term believers of our protocol and benefits token holders.

  • Staking is a standalone feature and not the same thing as our TONIC money market.

How does it work?

  1. TONIC token holders can stake TONIC into the staking module and receive xTONIC based on the TONIC : xTONIC exchange rate at the time.

  2. Being a yield-bearing token, the TONIC : xTONIC’s exchange rate increases over time, without any action on your part!

  3. As a result, when you withdraw your TONIC from the staking module, you will receive more TONIC compared to when you made the initial deposit.

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