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What NFT collections does Tectonic currently support?

We currently support the Cronos Cruisers collection on Tectonic's vaults. We will open this feature up to more collections in the future.

Details on Cronos Cruisers NFT Staking:

  • The multiplier boost is multiplicative against the NFT

  • Maximum boost multiplier is 1.5x

  • A maximum of 5 NFTs can be staked on any 1 maturity

  • Each NFT can only boost 1 maturity

  • There are different levels of rewards based on rarities (i.e. The rarer the NFT is, the higher the reward booster will be)

The boosting power based on rarities is listed below:


Boost Multiplier





Formula for Final Boost Multiplier = Vault Multiplier * (1 + min(1.5x, sum(NFT Boost Multiplier)))

For example, if you stake one “Legendary”, one “Epic” and two “Rare” NFT onto your 12 Months Vault, the total Cronos Cruisers boost multiplier equals to: 0.2625x + 0.1575x + (2 * 0.1050x) = 0.63x. Since the Vault Multiplier of 12 Months Vault is 6x, the final boost multiplier will be: 6 * (1 + 0.63) = 9.78x.

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