Understanding Analytics

Obtain comprehensive insights on various protocol data such as lending, borrowing, rewards redemption and liquidation on the Analytics page.

1) To find the page, click Analytics on the navigation bar. There will be a secondary tab that breaks down TONIC and xTONIC information

2) The TONIC Charts tab provides a high level overview of key protocol statistics in graph form. This includes Tectonic's total supply, withdrawals, borrowings and repayments, as well as overall loan to value ratio. You can also filter out specific datapoints for a more detailed analysis

3) The TONIC Table tab offers a more detailed analysis of day-to-day transactions on Tectonic. You can click the toggle to navigate between the TONIC Charts and TONIC Table

4) For more information on xTONIC, you can find this on the xTONIC page. This page provides more visibility on data such as xTONIC price, market cap, total supply, exchange rate and total amount staked

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