Claiming TONIC Rewards

Earn TONIC by supplying or borrowing assets on Tectonic!

1) You can claim your TONIC rewards by clicking on the icon on the top navigation menu

2) Select the % of TONIC you want to lock or claim by adjusting the range selection tool (“Max” allows you to quickly lock up 100% of your TONIC rewards).

Click “Select Vault” to proceed

3) Select the desired locking period. Click “Lock in vault” to proceed

Note: Before locking into a vault, your TONIC will first be converted to xTONIC based on the TONIC:xTONIC exchange rate at that point in time 4) Double check your deposit details. Click “Confirm” to initiate the deposit transaction


  • “To be claimed immediately”: defined as the amount of TONIC you will receive in your wallet immediately after the transaction is completed

  • “X Month vault”: indicates the vault time period you have chosen, as well as the amount of TONIC (or corresponding xTONIC) you will be locking up

5) Review the details on your wallet and confirm the transaction - and you're done!

Note: You should have received in your wallet the exact amount of TONIC tokens as indicated in “To be claimed immediately” section

Commonly asked questions

Q) Why do I have to lock a portion of my TONIC rewards in a Vault?

A: We enabled this mechanism with the aim to provide additional long term incentives to our community while also reducing opportunistic yield farming. For more information, please refer to this section

Q) What is the minimum amount that I can lock in the Vault?

A: The minimum amount to be locked will be 60% of your unclaimed TONIC balance

Q) Why am I unable to claim my TONIC?

A: This may be because you need to have accumulated at least 200 TONIC tokens before you can claim them. Please wait till you have accumulated this amount before trying to claim them again. If you are unable to claim your TONIC for other reasons, please reach out to our Community Managers on telegram/discord for help.

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