What is Tectonic?

Tectonic is a decentralised non-custodial money market protocol that provides users with access to instant loans and passive yield.

How do I get started?

First, you need to set up your wallet. You can use the Crypto.com Defi Wallet, Metamask, WalletConnect or BraveWallet to interact with Tectonic. Then, you will need to bridge funds over to Cronos.

You can check out the official bridging guide here.

How do I supply assets to Tectonic?

Just head over to the Markets page, select the asset you want to supply and click "Supply".

A more detailed guide is found here.

How do I borrow Assets from Tectonic?

We are an over-collateralised lending platform, as such you first need to supply an asset and enable it to be used as collateral. Thereafter, select the asset you want to borrow and click "Borrow"! Do monitor your LTV ratio to avoid being liquidated!

Check out our detailed guide here.

Why can't I borrow the asset I deposited?

We have disabled the supplying and borrowing of the same asset on this platform. This means that if you have supplied asset A, you will not be able to use this asset as collateral to borrow more of asset A.

This is done as we are aware that whales often do leveraged stablecoin farming, to receive more incentives. Leveraged stablecoin farming is the act of supplying and borrowing the same asset, typically stablecoins, in a continuous loop. This restriction is thus put in place to ensure that our incentives are spread across a larger Cronos user base, benefiting all users who are using the Tectonic platform.

How do I repay my loan?

Go to the Dashboard page, select the asset you want to repay and just repay!

You can check the more details guide here.

How do I withdraw assets from Tectonic?

Head over to the Dashboard page and select the asset you want to withdraw. Make sure you have sufficient liquidity to withdraw or you won't be able to!

Check out the possible scenarios here.

What are liquidations?

Liquidations happen when your position reaches the Liquidation Threshold. Liquidations are necessary to keep the protocol healthy and mitigate bad debt. You can check how close you are to liquidation via the lava bar on the dashboard.

You can learn more here.

What are tTokens?

tTokens are the receipt token you will receive for supplying an asset. They represent your deposit and is minted upon deposit and burned when you redeem your asset.For example, if you supplied USDC, you will receive tUSDC in return. The amount of tTokens received depends on the tToken-to-asset exchange rate. This exchange rate is expected to continuously increase to reflect the increasing interest earned by the lender.

You can learn more here.

What determines the interest rate?

Our interest rate model is documented here and the interest rate parameters can be found here .

What price oracle does Tectonic use?

Currently, we are using our own internal oracles as documented here. The oracles update twice hourly or whenever there’s a 1% change in price. We continue to explore ways to integrate external decentralised oracles like Pyth and Band in order to ensure our oracles remain robust.

You can learn more here.

What is $TONIC?

$TONIC is the token of the Tectonic protocol. Read more about $TONIC's tokenomics here.

How do I earn $TONIC?

There are several ways you can earn $TONIC:

  1. Via emissions from supplying or borrowing assets on Tectonic

  2. By staking your $TONIC for xTONIC to receive a portion of protocol revenue

  3. By locking them in our Vaults

Where can I buy/sell $TONIC?

Currently, you can buy and sell $TONIC on VVS Finance or on Crypto.com.

Is Tectonic audited?

Tectonic protocol is a fork of Compound protocol. Compound protocol was audited by Trail of Bits and Open Zeppelin. Tectonic's smart contracts were audited by Cronos Labs’s security team as well as external auditing firms.

The audit reports can be found here.

Where can I find the contract addresses and smart contracts?

You can find them here.

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