Borrowing assets from Tectonic

1) Enable the asset that you want to use as collateral either in the “Dashboard” page or within the asset-specific dashboard page
2) Confirm Transaction in Metamask or Crypto.com Defi Wallet Go to “Markets” page and select the asset that you intend to borrow
3) Click “Borrow” and indicate the $ amount you intend to borrow (Example is USDC) Note #1: You can perform this action only after you have supplied asset(s) and enable it/them as collateral
4) Confirm your transaction in Metamask or Crypto.com Defi Wallet.
5) A pop-up will appear to indicate a successful transaction
6) View your supply and borrow balances within the “Dashboard” Page The dashboard provides key information such as the supply balance, borrow balance, Net APY, Current Loan-To-Value (LTV), available borrowing power, and the list of supplied and borrowed assets