Supplying Assets to Tectonic

1) Go to the Tectonic “Markets” page directly via app.tectonic.finance/markets or go to the Tectonic.co website and click “Enter App”
2) Click “Connect Wallet” button and make sure you are connected to the Cronos Network
A guide on how to set-up Cronos Network on Metamask can be found here. The Crypto.com DeFi wallet will automatically have the Cronos Network setup.
3) On the “Markets” page, select the asset that you want to supply
4) Once you have selected the asset that you want to supply (Example being USDC), you will be directed to the asset dashboard page You can view the key information regarding the asset’s liquidity, supply interest APY, borrow interest APY, reserve factor, collateral factor, liquidation penalty, interest rate model, etc.
5) Click “Supply” and indicate the $ amount you want to supply and click “Supply” Note #1: During your first interaction with Tectonic, you will need to enable and grant permission to any of the contracts in order to interact with them.
Note #2: During Tectonic Alpha, there will be a max cap that each user can supply for each asset (as mentioned above)
6) Confirm your transaction on Metamask or Crypto.com DeFi Wallet
7) A pop-up message will appear and you will be notified that your transaction is successful