Using Maturity Lock Vaults

The rationale behind Maturity Lock Vaults is to further align our HODLERS with our mission of creating long-term value.
Using Maturity Vaults, users can lock their xTONIC into fixed time periods and earn TONIC. There will be a range of maturities to choose from, including 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and 48 months, and these xTONIC tokens will only be released following the completion of the relevant period. To reward our long-term supporters and holders of TONIC, the yield multiplier will increase exponentially for the longer locking periods (see table below), which the reward originates from community incentives.
Sounds great! Where do I start?
You can watch our video tutorial here:
Alternatively, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to use our Maturity Lock Vaults:
Step 1: How to stake TONIC for xTONIC?
1) Get ready with TONIC in your wallet. You can earn TONIC by supply or borrowing on Tectonic, or purchase it on VVS Finance. Once this is done, go to the staking module by entering the TONIC tab via the Earn Page.
2) Input the desired staking amount and click Stake. Note that the minimum staking threshold is 100 TONIC
3) Review the transaction details on the In-dApp Pop up and the wallet notification. Click “Confirm” to start the transaction
4) Once you receive the confirmation notification, Congratulations! You have successfully staked your TONIC for xTONIC
After Staking TONIC, users will automatically receive xTONIC. The total amount of xTONIC received is subject to the prevailing xTONIC:TONIC exchange rate. You can now lock up your xTONIC to earn even more rewards. LFG! Step 2: How to lock xTONIC into Maturity Vaults? Follow the steps below to lock your xTONIC into different vaults.
1) First, go to the vaults module by entering the Vaults tab via the Earn Page.
2) For all the first-timers, you will need to enable this feature on the dApp first. If you have already done this before, jump to step 3.
3) Enter the desired vault (6 month / 12 months / 24 months / 48 months) and input the deposit amount. You can also click the quick keys to enter 25% / 50% / 75% / Max of your total xTONIC amount. Confirm the deposit on the In-App Pop up and your wallet.
4) When you receive the confirmation notification, it means that you have successfully deposited your xTONIC in the vault.
5) After you have your first deposit in any vault, you can enter the specific vault to choose to either deposit more into the same vault or upgrade the locking period to a longer term.
6) To deposit more, you should undergo the same process mentioned previously and you are all set.
7) If you wish to upgrade the locking period, enter the next step by clicking the "Upgrade Locking Period" button. Select the deposit you want to upgrade. You can also make use of the “Select All” button to upgrade all vaults together.
8) Confirm your selection and the upgrade once you have chosen the preferred locking time period.
9) If there is a Vault Upgrade Completed notification, congratulations! You have upgraded your vault.
10) You can view your earnings and allocation as well as harvest your rewards in the Earnings module.
You are now earning TONIC rewards from the staking module. Happy Staking Tectonians!