Withdrawing Assets from Tectonic

1) Go to “Dashboard” page, select the asset that you want to withdraw and click “Withdraw”
2) Scenario 1: Insufficient liquidity. Repay your loan or supply more assets to reduce LTV If your new LTV is projected to increase to a % that is higher than the allowable maximum LTV, you will not be able to withdraw that amount of supplied assets. This measure is in-place to prevent accidental and unwanted liquidations
Example shown: Liquidation LTV: 75% Maximum eligible LTV: 67.5% (90% * Liquidation LTV)
3) Scenario 2: Sufficient liquidity. You will be able to withdraw your supplied assets. Click “Withdraw”
4) Confirm your transaction on Metamask or Crypto.com Defi Wallet
5) Upon successful transaction, you will receive the withdrawn amount back in your wallet.